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We Belong

Innovative new youth-led organization seeks fair treatment for young migrants

We Belong is a vibrant new organization filling an important gap to ensure that young migrants in the UK are treated equally and fairly, in the society they call home. The organization began as a campaign called Let Us Learn in 2014, which was hosted by the charity Just for Kids Law.

We Belong has several interlinked strategies to achieve their mission: they engage a client base of over 1,200 young people between 16 and 24, coming from over 70 countries, offering information, support and trainings to develop them as changemakers who will be inquisitive about their rights. We Belong also engages in education and awareness raising at schools and universities on the barriers faced by young migrants. Additionally, they seek systemic reform, and they seek to inspire and grow a generation of young migrant leaders in positions of power.

We Belong is led by two dynamic young leaders, Chrisann Jarett and Dami Makinde, who have lived experiences of the challenges We Belong seeks to overcome. One of the organization’s many strengths is that young people have always led the work. We Belong has also drawn inspiration and learning from the practice of the DREAMers in the US, including several in-person exchanges.

Unbound Philanthropy has supported We Belong since its founding in 2019 and supported associated work for the previous five years. Its work advances our Public strategy area.

It is so important that we constantly have new people coming through, shaping new ideas and finding solutions for all.

Chrisann Jarrett on panel hosted by Megan Markle for International Women’s Day

We Belong is mobilizing young migrants to ensure fair treatment in the society they call home.


People reached with information and support about their education and immigration rights.

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Photo 1: We Belong’s youth summit

Photo 2: We Belong attends United We Dream Congress in Texas