We are investing at the intersections of climate and migrant justice.

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At Unbound Philanthropy, we seek to contribute to a vibrant, welcoming society and an immigration system rooted in justice.

We partner with leaders and organizations in the US and UK — activists, policymakers, researchers, cultural strategists, and philanthropic peers — to explore and advance what this looks like in practice.

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We are Investing in Building Narrative Power

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That’s Me On Screen is a new podcast hosted by Evelyn Mok, brought to you by OKRE.

Join comedian Evelyn Mok as she chats with people in and outside of the entertainment industry about how they see themselves portrayed on screen and how not seeing yourself can affect you and your community.

Unbound in IP
Unbound Philanthropy spotlight in Inside Philanthropy

"Five Things to Know About Unbound Philanthropy's Funding for Immigrants and Refugees"

Resilience Force
We need everyone working together to adapt to climate change’s increasingly frequent impacts.

Resilience Force highlights how rebuilding Florida homes after Hurricane Idalia may be more difficult because of a new immigration law, with coverage by The New York Times, CNN, and Miami Herald.

TPS Venezuelans
Temporary Protected Status expanded for Venezuelans

About 472,000 people who arrived from Venezuela before the end of July will now be able to legally live and work in the US.

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Unbound Philanthropy was honored to be part of Chinese for Affirmative Action’s 2023 Celebration of Justice. We were honored to be the 2021 recipient of NAKASEC’s People Power Award. In 2020, Taryn Higashi and Unbound Philanthropy received United We Dream’s first ever Believers Award. In 2019, Unbound Philanthropy received the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy “Mover and Shaker” Impact Award, celebrating its leadership in narrative grantmaking.