Climate and Migrant Justice

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21st Century Law for 21st Century Migration

The Climate Displacement Program at the International Refugee Assistance Project

Harnessing the Power of the Immigrant Justice Movement for Climate Justice

The Climate Justice Collaborative at the National Partnership for New Americans

Centering the People at the Heart of Building Resilience

Resilience Force

Scaling Up Community Resilience

Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Co-produced with The Solutions Project

Transforming Narratives About Climate Migration

Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy (now Taproot Earth)

Co-produced with The Solutions Project

Defending Justice in a “Climate Refuge City”

PUSH Buffalo and Justice for Migrant Families

Co-produced with The Solutions Project

The Human Impact of Climate Change

UFW Foundation

Co-produced with The Solutions Project

Where Immigrants Meet Climate Change

Nancy Youman for Unbound Philanthropy

We Are In a Time of New Suns

Taryn Higashi, for Center for Effective Philanthropy

Cities: Building equitable, climate resilient, and welcoming cities

The Case for Welcoming as Resilience

Welcoming America

America’s Climate Boomtowns are Waiting

Abrahm Lustgarten, The Atlantic

Climate Migration 101

What Exactly is Climate Migration?

Migration Policy Institute podcast episode with Kerilyn Schewel, co-director of Duke University’s Program on Climate-Related Migration, on the terminology and why it matters.

Climate Migration Explainer

Climate Migration Council, IOM, and Emerson Collective

Climate Migration 101: An Explainer

Lawrence Huang, Migration Policy Institute

Climate Migration Deep Dive

A Compendium on Climate Mobility

Climate Migration Council

The Statue of Liberty Plan: A Progressive Vision for Migration in the Age of Climate Change

Deepak Bhargava and Rich Stolz

Climate-Driven Migration In America

Abrahm Lustgarten, Fresh Air, NPR

On the Move

Abrahm Lustgarten

Colette Pichon Battle — On Knowing What We’re Called To

Colette Pichon Battle/Taproot Earth, On Being

Building Common Ground: Climate Change and Migration Work in the UK

Ruth Grove-White and Ben Margolis

Climate-Driven Relocation

What is Climate Driven Relocation?

Urban Ocean Lab

Green-Skilled Migration

The Migrant Workers Who Follow Climate Disasters

Sarah Stillman, The New Yorker

The impact of climate change on human mobility: preventive action, humanitarian action and development

Global Forum on Migration and Development

Decarbonising the UK’s building stock: can immigration policy help solve workforce challenges?


From Displacement to Resilience: Climate Migrants Helping Grow Needed Solutions

David Sherfsinki, Reuters

Pro-Worker Climate Migration Policy Framework



Dangerous Narratives and Climate Migration

NPNA, IRAP, Migrants Organise, 350, etc.

Just Because People Feel Threatened by Climate Migration Doesn’t Mean They Are

Alex Randall

The Security Problem with Climate Migration Isn’t the Security

Tom Ellison, Just Security

Climate Migration and National Security

Erin Sikorsky et al., Lawfare

Resilience in Place

Climate Readiness Framework

Urban Ocean Lab

Rising Seas Threaten the Gullah Geechee Culture. Here’s How They’re Fighting Back.

Melba Newsome, Pulitzer Center

Routes to Safety

Should Climate Migrants Get Special Legal Migration Pathways?

Migration Policy Institute podcast episode with Ama Francis, Climate Director, International Refugee Assistance Project

Legal Action Agenda for Climate Displacement

International Refugee Assistance Project

Climate of Coercion: Environmental and Other Drivers of Cross-Border Displacement in Central America and Mexico

International Refugee Assistance Project

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