StraTeGic Approach

Ensure a Just System

We believe that an immigration system and policies that are rooted in justice and that honor the dignity of all people are the cornerstone of a pluralist, welcoming society where we can all flourish. We believe that migration should be a safe and empowering choice for people, and that this principle should be reflected in immigration laws and policies. 

While we don’t have prescriptive answers to what this looks like in practice, we partner with advocates, policymakers, researchers, and others to rigorously investigate which solutions can best serve all of us. We seek to encourage healthy, respectful, and productive dialogue, where we center the voices of immigrants, particularly those who are less visible, as well as people who have anxieties or concerns about immigration, to develop solutions that work for the whole of society.

In the US, our grantees are working to:

End immigration enforcement abuses

Support a pathway to citizenship for immigrants with strong ties to the US

Sustain and strengthen policies that provide refuge for those fleeing persecution and violence

Strengthen systems for future immigration flow, with a focus on family-based immigration

In the UK, our grantees are working to:

Assist European residents living in the UK to access a simple and inclusive system to regularize their status


Improve pathways to citizenship, especially for young undocumented people

Create an immigration system rooted in justice

Strengthen policies that help refugees feel a sense of belonging in their new communities