Our Approach

Grantmaking Approach

We partner in diverse ways.

At the heart of our work is partnership and leveraging grantmaking strategies to advance the innovative work of leaders and organizations across the US and UK. We strive to support our grantees with humility, honesty, curiosity, and reliability. We allocate resources and partner in the following ways to advance our shared vision.

To support our grantee partners, we engage:

flexible support

We are committed to making multi-year general support grants where possible. We make project-specific grants when our interest is in a specific area of an organization’s work. We also support advocacy following IRS rules for private foundations. 

Beyond funding

With staff expertise, we identify additional ways to support grantees. We analyze trends, bring together innovative ideas, facilitate collaborations and alliances, and provide fundraising and other capacity building support.


With programs in both the US and the UK, we align at a high level and tailor program components to respond to country-specific contexts. We also support learning exchanges for our grantee partners and other immigrant justice leaders between the UK and US. 

To collaborate and exchange learning with philanthropic partners, we invest in:

Collaborative funding

We believe collaborative funding provides tremendous value to the field, enabling us to learn and make bold investments together to meet new or uncovered needs. We are a co-founder at times; in others, we are learning and building relationships where we have less knowledge.

field-wide research

We invest in research and evaluation that will support the broader ecosystem of immigrant justice funders and organizations.

our bird’s eye view

With a view of the broader immigration justice ecosystem, we produce case studies, updates about our strategies, and share grantee updates to support our grantee and philanthropic partner community. 

Due to our limited staff capacity to review proposals, grant proposals are by invitation only.