StraTeGic Approach

Strengthen Belonging

We believe that developing and strengthening a sense of belonging among all members of our society makes communities stronger, healthier, and more equitable. We strive for welcoming environments where people can thrive, and where immigrants, and all residents, can fully participate in social, civic, and economic life.

We also recognize that localities with welcoming policies to immigrants, including refugees and asylum-seekers, are in the best position to harness the opportunities and build the prosperity that come from the full participation and inclusion of all people, from all backgrounds.

We believe that meaningful and positive interaction between immigrants and their neighbors can help foster respect and understanding, and in both regions we support work that encourages mutual engagement among all residents.

In the US, our grantees are working to:

Create welcoming environments for immigrant and Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities at the regional level through civic engagement activities and policy reforms

Strengthen immigrants and refugees’ bonds with their neighbors

Create a more welcoming climate locally, with a focus on Arizona and New York

A majority of our work under this priority is through funder collaboration, including the Four Freedoms Fund and RISE Together Fund

In the UK, our grantees are working to:

Increase educational attainment for disadvantaged children and young people with a special focus on low English language proficiency

Catalyze an increase in active welcoming programs and inclusive place-based organizing efforts

Promote evidence-based adjustments to public policy based on behavioural insights to encourage empathy, social contact, perspective taking, and other ways to reduce prejudice