Our Philosophical Approach

Our Values

Our core values serve as guideposts that inform all of our work at Unbound.

Self-determination: The founding value of Unbound Philanthropy is that each person has the freedom and opportunity to fulfil their potential, With equal opportunity for all.

Justice: We have a strong emphasis on the dignity of the individual as a rights-holder and the importance of procedural justice to ensure those rights are respected by government and society.

Pluralism: We believe in embracing, and engaging with a diversity of people, views, and positions. We value dialogue and the give and take of ideas from different viewpoints.

Authentic leadership and voice: We believe that people who are immigrants and refugees should be in leadership positions in organizations that represent them, and that they should be active and vocal in civic debates that affect their lives. We try to amplify the voices of immigrants and refugees, and in particular those who are often less visible, such as those who are Black, Asian, female, and LGBTQ.

An immigration system for all: We believe that a fair and just immigration system should support the interests of long-settled communities and newcomers alike, and that all people should be active in civic debate about immigration policies that affect their lives.

Intersectionality: We use an intersectional lens to understand complex problems and relationships to inform a more thoughtful strategy. We acknowledge that systems of hierarchy have been created around our identities, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and class, and that combinations of those identities can make people more vulnerable within the immigration system and society at large.

Collaboration: We believe that collaborative approaches are essential to advance our goals.