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Resolution Foundation

Leader in nonpartisan, evidence-based research to improve outcomes for people with modest incomes

The Resolution Foundation is a leader in conducting nonpartisan, evidence-based research and policy analysis aimed at improving the lives of those on low to middle incomes. Unbound Philanthropy supports the Resolution’s Foundation’s policy research program on labor law enforcement in the UK and improving labor standards, with the goals of fair treatment and equal opportunities for all, including immigrant and refugee workers.

The Resolution Foundation’s research is filling a major gap in the attention paid to how low-income temporary workers, especially how those with “zero-hour” contracts are treated in the labor market. Previous research that Unbound co-funded with the Resolution Foundation highlighted that those most at risk of poor treatment are also those least able to assert their own rights and are often found in economic sectors (such as in agriculture, cleaning, and hospitality) where there is a high concentration of immigrant workers.



Unbound Philanthropy has supported the Resolution Foundation since 2012, and our current grant is a three-year grant, which will bring our partnership with them up to a decade.

The Resolution Foundation’s work advances our System and Public strategy areas. Part of Unbound and Resolution Foundation’s shared interest is in using evidence-based research to make change and ensure actors seeking economic justice collaborate with those seeking immigration justice.


Conducting non-partisan, evidence-based research to improve the lives of low-income workers

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