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Refugee Action

A leader in advancing the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

Refugee Action’s vision is to ensure that all refugees and asylum seekers will be welcome in the UK, receive justice, live free of poverty, and be able to successfully rebuild their lives.

Refugee Action works to achieve this vision in three ways. First, they provide practical support and advice to people seeking asylum in navigating the asylum process and to refugees resettling and rebuilding their lives in the UK. Second, they provide capacity building support to other refugee and asylum charities in the UK with the aim of expanding the quality and quantity of support provided by the sector. Third their campaigns and advocacy work tackles the root causes of the challenges faced by refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.


Refugee Action leads a number of powerful campaigns. The Lift The Ban campaign with Asylum Matters seeks to allow people seeking asylum the right to work while their claim is being processed. Over 200 organizations including businesses, faith groups and think tanks from across the political spectrum are members of the coalition. Refugee Action is also leading the Let Refugees Learn campaign to ensure that refugees can access English classes, and the support they need to attend them.

Unbound has supported Refugee Action since 2016. Its work advances both our System and Public strategy areas.

Every person fleeing war and persecution should be able to successfully rebuild their lives. We’re far from that vision today. We’re determined to get there. We take a truly systemic approach, influencing the many government policies that make this difficult and strengthening the work of other UK charities.

Stephen Hale OBE, Chief Executive

Securing justice for refugees and asylum seekers and the opportunity for people to rebuild their lives.


Refugees supported in resettling and rebuilding their lives in the UK, in 2018-2019

The Latest

Photo 1: Refugee Action supports refugees resettled in the UK to rebuild their lives

Photo 2: Refugee Action takes the Lift the Ban campaign – to give people seeking asylum the right to work – to parliament