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Power of Pop Fund

Pooled fund supporting organizations working at the intersection of popular culture, racial justice and migration

The Power of Pop (PoP) Fund is a new pooled UK fund set up by Comic Relief and Unbound Philanthropy, to support organizations working at the intersection of popular culture and social change, with a particular focus on migration and racial justice.

The PoP Fund will be informed by and aims to drive forward key recommendations from the Unbound Philanthropy-funded report New Brave World: The power, opportunities and potential of pop culture for social change in the UK (2021) by Alice Sachrajda and Marzena Zukowska. The report explores the emerging pop culture for social change ecosystem in the UK and outlines the significant changes that are underway in the broadcast and creative industries, particularly in the wake of the global growth of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The PoP Fund will be managed by Comic Relief, which has experience using popular culture to influence social good as part of the organization’s core mission for a just and free world. The Fund will bring funders and other partners together to drive forward an innovative funding program with a strong emphasis on learning, from both the funded work itself, as well as learning from the US. It will harness this exciting opportunity to collectively develop and grow this field in the UK towards long-term cultural change.

The PoP Fund advances Unbound Philanthropy’s Public strategy area.

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Comic Relief, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The fusion of social change-makers, movement builders, narrative experts, creatives and funders has the potential to be one of the biggest, driving forces of social and environmental change in our world over the years to come. We need to work together to harness the power, opportunities and potential of pop culture for social change. With concerted collaboration and adequate investment it can lead us towards a new, brave world.

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