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People & Planet

Youth-led organization mobilizing and empowering student activists to lead campaigns challenging corporate complicity in social and environmental injustice.

People & Planet is the leading student network in the UK campaigning for social and environmental justice, organizing to:

  • Empower the next generation of change-makers by training and mobilizing young people to become key organizers in movements for justice, with long-lasting skills, motivations and networks.
  • Achieve systemic change by developing cutting-edge campaigns in coalition with frontline communities, which tackle the root causes of social and environmental injustice, and create radical alternatives and narratives that are able to disrupt mainstream opinion and structures.
  • Transform the education sector by steering universities to play a just role in society, and act as hotbeds for progressive ideas fostering a more egalitarian, sustainable world.


In addition to their University League project ranking institutions based on environmental and social factors, People & Planet coordinates a range of campaigns democratically decided by the student network. They currently run two climate justice campaigns, one of which has already pressured over 70% of UK universities into divesting from fossil fuels.

People & Planet’s flagship migrant justice campaign Divest Borders, developed with support from Unbound Philanthropy, demands that universities break ties with companies complicit in the detention, deportation, surveillance, and persecution of migrating people. Since launching the campaign in 2021, People & Planet have empowered hundreds of young activists to resist the border industry through a vibrant network of student-led groups organizing for migrant justice on campuses across the UK.

People & Planet is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to defend human rights and protect the environment.


Students on around 50 campuses are supported by a People & Planet membership


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