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People & Planet

Influential organization mobilizing and equipping student activists with the skills, motivations and networks to lead campaigns.

People & Planet is the student network in the UK campaigning for social and environmental justice. It seeks to build a movement of young people in support of social justice, human rights and environmental issues. It empowers students and young people to be a driving force in creating a better world by training, supporting and mentoring them to be effective change-makers and integrate principles of collective liberation in their campaigns. People & Planet works with partners to form strong international coalitions that include affected communities themselves, and together challenge the holders of power at the transnational level.

People & Planet mobilizes and equips student activists with the skills, motivation and networks to lead campaigns.

People & Planet helped to found the Fairtrade Foundation and Electronics Watch, campaigned for the G8 pledge to commit to 100% access to HIV/AIDS anti-retrovirals, and continues to lead the UK’s University Fossil Free campaign, which convinced over 60% of all UK universities to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

In 2016, People & Planet’s student activists voted to develop a campaign on migrant justice issues. In 2019 they officially launched their migrants’ rights campaign with support from Unbound Philanthropy. Since then, People & Planet has trained over 2000 students and young migrants to develop campaigning and movement building skills and has built a youth-led network of 15 campus-based groups focusing on migrants’ rights.

People & Planet is the largest student network in Britain campaigning to defend human rights and protect the environment.


Students on around 50 campuses are supported by a People & Planet membership


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