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National Domestic Worker’s Alliance

The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is the leading voice for dignity and fairness for the millions of nannies, housecleaners and homecare workers in the United States, most of whom are women of color, including many immigrant women. NDWA is powered by over 70 affiliates and chapters in all 50 states and is widely recognized as a pathbreaker in organizing strategies, including using cultural and narrative strategies to advance social justice. They lead a number of high-impact campaigns, including Caring Across Generations and Families Belong Together.

NDWA constantly leverages their cultural, organizing, and policy advocacy strategies against one another to advance their goals. In 2019, building on deep relationships that they had built in the entertainment industry over many years, NDWA partnered with Director Alfonso Cuarón, and Participant Media to create a campaign around the film Roma.

They connected the dots between Cleo, the indigenous domestic worker at the center of the film, and the approximately 70 million domestic workers globally without worker’s rights. In the midst of the Roma campaign, they partnered with Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Pramila Jayapal to introduce the historic National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. They also launched Alia (, an online, portable benefits platform for housecleaners.

Unbound Philanthropy has supported the National Domestic Workers Alliance since 2013. Its work advances our Public strategy, to ensure nuanced, accurate portrayals of immigrants and immigration in popular culture.

We are in the fight of our lives for the story of who we are, and who we should become.

Ai-jen Poo

Hollywood Reporter

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is a pathbreaker in using cultural and narrative strategies to advance social justice


Domestic workers connected to NDWA’s movement, in all 50 states


Photo 1: NDWA members at an Oscar celebration for the film Roma. 

Photo 2: NDWA members with Eva Longoria, Rashida Jones and Olga Segura at the Oscars for the film Roma. Photograh by Arlene Mejorado.