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Liberty, founded in 1934, is a recognized leader in advancing human rights in the UK, and a key organization working to ensure protection for migrant rights. Liberty uses a combination of test case litigation, public campaigning and media work, policy analysis, and the mobilization of over 10,000 members.

Liberty works in several areas related to migrant rights: exposing and challenging policies designed to make a hostile environment for migrants; ending indefinite immigration detention; protecting the UK human rights framework; and addressing the threat to human rights posed by state surveillance and the use of new technology.




Liberty’s campaign to end indefinite immigration detention has the support of Members of Parliament across the political spectrum, and the ‘Care Don’t Share’ campaign – aimed at bringing down the secret data-sharing agreements between vital public services and immigration enforcement that underpin the Government’s “hostile environment” – has seen success in healthcare and education. Liberty has also initiated a super-complaint against the police practice of passing victims’ and witnesses’ details to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

Unbound has supported Liberty with general operating support since 2019. It advances our System strategy area.

Challenging injustice, defending freedom, and making the UK a fairer, more equal place for everybody.

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