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Liberty is the UK’s largest civil liberties organization and a recognized leader in advancing human rights. With over 15,000 members, Liberty has been championing human rights since 1934. Liberty uses a powerful combination of public mobilization, strategic litigation, policy analysis, and investigative journalism to defend the rights of everyone, including migrants. It also provides free expert legal advice on human rights issues through its Advice & Information service.

Liberty aims to achieve a UK where everyone is treated with dignity, fairness and respect, no matter who they are or where they come from. This involves working in several areas related to migrants’ rights: exposing and challenging policies designed to make a hostile environment for migrants; protecting the UK human rights framework; stopping disproportionate policing against marginalized groups and addressing the threat to human rights posed by state surveillance and the use of discriminatory technology.




Liberty’s investigative journalism unit, Liberty Investigates, produces articles exposing the injustice and discrimination faced by migrants in the UK. Investigations into inhumane conditions and excessive use of force at detention centres and on deportation flights have resulted in real-world impact on migrants’ rights, including a wrongly deported asylum seeker being returned to the UK. Liberty also won the first-ever super complaint against police treatment of migrant victims of crime. This led to the police inspectorate calling for an overhaul of laws that allow police to pass victims’ data to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

Unbound has supported Liberty with general operating support since 2019. It advances our System strategy area.

Challenging injustice, defending freedom, and making the UK a fairer, more equal place for everybody.


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