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A Larger Us

Visionary organization seeking to promote a ‘Larger Us’ rather than a ‘them and us’

Larger Us was founded in October 2018. It works to inspire and support a new kind of change-making that seeks to bridge divides, rather than deepen them; to create belonging, rather than division; and to bring about lasting change, rather than short lived victories that fail to transform. Larger Us argues that to do this we need a new kind of change-maker, who recognises the humanity in ‘the other side’, and what motivates them to act as they do; who is able to listen and reach out beyond their usual support base; and who understands and acts on the psychological work and inner change needed to do this emotionally demanding kind of work.

Over the past three years Larger Us has developed its ideas and shared them through reports, podcasts, blogs, events and multiple prototypes of an immersive Programme built around small groups. At the heart of its work are five key questions for change-makers: how we can build belonging through our work; how we can bridge divides; how we can appeal to love not fear; how we can help people to navigate loss and trauma; and how we can tell stories that bring people together.

Unbound began supporting Larger Us in 2020. Its work advances our Public and Integration strategy areas.

Becoming a larger us involves both inner and outer work.


People viewed a Larger Us Twitter thread on the need for a different kind of climate movement.


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