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Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Leading independent and national organization advocating for fairness and equality in immigration law and policy in the UK.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of immigrants (JCWI) challenges harsh and unfair policies and law through strategic litigation and public campaigning.

JCWI is a leader in developing sensible, evidence-based policy proposals. In 2019, JCWI published a 12-step manifesto, People Move, that sets out a vision of a fair immigration system. JCWI also supports vulnerable individuals and families with reliable, high-quality legal advice.



JCWI played a critical role in responding to the Windrush Scandal, partnering with the Runnymede Trust, IMIX, Praxis, Refugee Migrant Centre at Wolverhampton, and others on strategic campaigning and media impact. JCWI and others skillfully used the opening that Windrush created to press for a more humane immigration system.

Unbound has supported JCWI with general operating support since 2016; its work advances our System strategy area.

By working ever more closely with our partners to engage in cutting-edge litigation, fearless campaigning, and tireless advocacy, we have seen real progress this last year in the fight to dismantle the Hostile Environment and the struggle to secure a fair, progressive immigration system that works for all of us.

Satbir Singh, Chief Executive

Designing and advocating for a fairer immigration system in the UK


Cases worked on by JCWI in 2020-21, securing status and protection for over 100 individuals and families.

The Latest

Photo 1: The JCWI team

Photo 2: JCWI’s family trees campaign, where families divided by the Minimum Income Requirement

plant trees to symbol nurturing a family and putting down roots.