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Color of Change (Education Fund)

The nation’s largest—and most impactful—online racial justice organization

Color of Change (Education Fund) is a visionary force in transforming harmful narratives and stereotypes that affect Black people—including Black immigrants—and communities. With 7 million members, it is the largest online racial justice organization in the United States. Color of Change has been a pathbreaker in using a long-term, complex narrative strategy, and is paving the way in what it means to build narrative power.

Color of Change’s strategy includes entertainment and media industry organizing, high level trainings and production consultations, community building, and game-changing research on systems of inequality. These are combined with a robust campaign strategy to challenge injustice and hold corporate and political leaders accountable.

Through its Hollywood program, Color of Change collaborates with the entertainment industry to change policies and practices that inform representation of Black people in film and television. They have created spaces for content creators and industry executives to discuss bias, imagine new pipelines to diversify the industry, and create fair, accurate, and humanizing portrayals of Black Americans. They have also consulted with writers for shows and mini-series such as Seven Seconds and When They See Us.

Unbound has supported Color of Change with general operating support since 2016. Color of Change advances our strategy to ensure nuanced, accurate portrayals of immigrants and immigration, and people of color, in entertainment media.

Every word we say and story we tell in the media, and through our content, can either move us forward or set us back. The challenge is to know the things that will keep pushing us forward.

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director of Color of Change

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Photo 1: Rashad Robinson, President of Color of Change

Image 2: Shared with permission by Color of Change