Immigrant Communities Building Collaborative Solutions for

Climate and Migrant Justice

The Climate Displacement Program at the International Refugee Assistance Project

21st Century Law for 21st Century Migration

The Climate Justice Collaborative at the National Partnership for New Americans

Harnessing the Power of the Immigrant Justice Movement for Climate Justice

Resilience Force

Centering the People at the Heart of Building Resilience                              

In this collection of case studies, we profile three standout grantee partners building solutions for climate and migrant justice.

The Climate Displacement Program at the International Refugee Assistance Project is utilizing existing legal pathways, and working with other organizational partners to establish a new legal framework, to support climate-displaced people.

In response to calls for coordination, capacity building, and peer learning for climate-related work from its member immigrant justice organizations working in 40 states, the National Partnership for New Americans launched the Climate Justice Collaborative in early 2022. The Climate Justice Collaborative seeks to mitigate the impacts of climate change on all communities, including immigrants—and ensure that migration is seen as a solution to climate change.

Resilience Force, situated at the intersections of climate, migration, economic justice, and democracy, is building a “resilience workforce” of the future, to dramatically scale up the U.S.’s ability to meet the demands of our new climate era. Simultaneously they are rewriting the rules of disaster recovery so that it advances racial justice rather than undermines it, and they are strenghtening social cohesion. 

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