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Behavioural Insights Team

Rigorous research to generate and apply behavioural insights to improve integration and cohesion in policy and society

Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) are experts in generating and applying behavioral insights to inform policy, improve public services, and deliver results for citizens and society.

In the UK, evidence suggests there is increasing social fracturing. Over the last few years, BIT have completed reviews and meta-analyses of interventions that reduce prejudice, intolerance, and mistrust in communities and boost social cohesion and resilience of young people against extremism. They have found promising interventions for increasing social cohesion, including building empathy, increasing perspective taking and reducing prejudice through social mixing interventions.


BIT recently launched two large-scale, government-funded trials to look at contact and perspective taking in schools.

Unbound began supporting BIT in 2018. Their work advances our Strengthen Belonging strategy area, where we are interested in exploring whether evidence-based social integration initiatives could be applied at scale.

BIT is leading evidence-based research to understand what works best in increasing social cohesion


Children aged 4-16 involved in two trials in UK schools to better understand what works in increasing social cohesion


Photos courtesy of Behavioural Insights Team