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Youth and Citizenship Collaboration

Funder collaborative seeks to support young people in securing fair access to citizenship and permanent status

Unbound Philanthropy partners with Paul Hamlyn Foundation on youth, migration, and citizenship, with the goal of increasing fair access to citizenship and permanent status for all in the UK, with a focus on young people who lack permanent immigration status or citizenship.

Young people with irregular migration status are blocked from thriving and fully participating in society despite having spent all or most of their lives in the UK and despite often having a legal right to residence. They cannot access state support to regularize or register as citizens because of lack of legal aid, and the process is complex and expensive to navigate without support. We seek to create simpler, shorter, and more affordable routes to citizenship for young people who are born in the UK and are long-term residents.


Unbound has had a long-standing partnership with Paul Hamlyn Foundation to support young people in the UK who are disadvantaged by irregular immigration status, to live full lives. This work originally took place through the Supported Options Initiative, which funded a range of support and advice projects, youth work, legal analysis and policy research between 2011 and 2016.

For Unbound Philanthropy, this collaboration advances our Strengthen Belonging strategy area, to increase citizenship and permanent residence, improve access to justice for refugees and immigrants, stop or revoke unfair policies, and improve accountability in the immigration system.

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Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Since 2011, Unbound Philanthropy have been vital partners in helping us support young people with irregular immigration status to secure their status. Together we have supported a range of approaches which are helping young people to thrive. Crucially, young people have been leading these change efforts, using their experience to achieve the change they wish to see.

Moira Sinclair, Chief Executive, Paul Hamlyn Foundation

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