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Collective Future Fund

The Collective Future Fund is a bold new collaborative fund to shape a collective future free from sexual harassment and violence. With a priority on supporting efforts that are led by women of color, the Fund envisions a world in which all women and girls––cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming––can live, learn, and work in safety and dignity.

Sexual violence impacts all women, but the damage is compounded for women who are made vulnerable by our immigration system, by economic exploitation, and by structural racism. Women and girls who are migrating or who are waiting to seek asylum and are held in immigrant detention are intensely vulnerable to sexual violence.

According to Amnesty International, 60% of migrant women and girls are raped while migrating, while other data indicate that 80% of women experience rape and sexual assault during the migration process. While immigrant women and all women of color experience disproportionate rates of sexual violence, which are amplified now by COVID and the economic crises, the fund also recognizes that they will be the ones to build power and lead with creativity, brilliance, and interdependence.

With its first round of grantmaking, the Collective Future Fund granted $3 million for year-long “Mobilization 2020” projects focused on survivor and women-led movement building. Grantees include groups such as the Tahirih Justice Center, which is centering migrant and refugee survivors in immigration policy and Justice for Migrant Women, which addresses workplace sexual violence against farmworker women. The Fund is also supporting the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance, which is spearheading a national curriculum on sexual harassment for use by domestic worker organizations across the country, as well as advocacy for federal anti-harassment law.

In April 2020, the Collective Future Fund also launched a $2 million Survivor Safety and Support Fund, to support healing and mobilization efforts to ensure the safety of women and girls during COVID.

Unbound is a founding partner of the Collaborative; we joined when the fund launched in early 2019.

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Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Ford Foundation, General Service Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Pivotal Ventures, Unbound Philanthropy, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund, Women Donors Network, and an anonymous foundation.

Despite many victories for gender equality in the past decades, the war on women and girls’ bodies continues, requiring us to build transnational solidarity and collective action. The Collective Future Fund is exciting because it resources Black, Indigenous, lesbian, bisexual, trans, immigrant, and disabled women and girls to claim their power, heal, and mobilize for justice—from the United States, to India, from South Africa, to Chile, and Nigeria, and beyond.

Nicolette Naylor, International Program Director, Gender, Racial and Ethnic Justice, Ford Foundation

Bold new fund seeks to center the voices and solutions of survivors and women of color to end sexual harassment and violence against all women and girls––cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming.

$20 million

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Meet Our Other Collaboratives

Photo 1: Justice for Migrant Women was invited by SmashSquad to host a decorating event for its Bandana Project 2019 Campaign. Bandana Project was created by Monica Ramirez to raise awareness about the widespread workplace sexual violence against farmworker women and girls. 

Photo 2: JASS builds women’s collective power and leadership so they can organize for change and leverage political participation to influence public dialogue and solutions to violence and inequality.

Photos shared with permission by Collective Future Fund