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British Red Cross Family Reunion

Funding collaborative seeks to improve immigration and integration experiences and outcomes for refugee and migrant families in the UK

The Families Together Programme (FTP) is a multi-funder collaboration, managed by the British Red Cross, that is designed to promote  successful family reunion and integration of migrants and refugees in the UK.

Refugee and migrants face significant challenges in trying to reunify with their family members due to restrictive immigration rules, procedures, and practices. Once they’ve managed to successfully navigate the complex rules and processes, they face a whole new set of barriers in settling down and building a new life. As a strategic programme, FTP aims to address these significant institutional challenges to ensure a fairer system for vulnerable refugees and migrants.


The British Red Cross is the biggest supporter of family reunion work in the UK. This collaboration advances Unbound’s System strategy area, to ensure legal protections in the immigration system.

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Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, A B Charitable Trust, and Comic Relief

“BRITISH RED CROSS – FAMILY RE-UNION CHAMPIONS: Undoubtedly, the British Red Cross (BRC) are champions in the area of family re-union in the UK... As a Refugee wandering in the streets of Stoke on Trent, I am a living testimony. When my family re-union was becoming more acute and complex, they (BRC) referred me to Central England Law Centre whose Immigration team did everything humanly possible to get my family across to the UK. The enormous collaboration that brought my family to the UK not only brought back our smiles as a family, but confidence, hope and a new beginning for me, my entire family and my generation yet unborn.”

Unnamed service user (from grantees Central England Law Centre/BRC)

Families Together is addressing barriers to successful family reunion and integration of refugees and migrants in the UK

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